Zuckerberg on the Quest 2 as a fitness device — ‘It’s kind of like a Peloton’ – TechCrunch

Facebook wants the Quest 2 to be known as more than a game console for your face.

At the company’s Facebook Connect developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the company’s efforts to make the Quest a fitness platform for third-party apps like Supernatural and FitXR. He compared it directly to the Peloton as a connected fitness device.

“A lot of you are already using Quest to stay fit, it lets you work out in some completely new ways,” Zuckerberg said in the keynote. “It’s kind of like a Peloton, but instead of your bike you just have your VR headset and with it, you can do anything from boxing lessons to sword-fighting to even dancing.”

The company is leaning further into this classification with its hardware detailing that next year they will release an “Active Pack” that allows users to customize their Quest 2 headset to make it better featured for working out. The pack will add grips to the controllers and a facial pad that addresses the issue of sweaty headsets.

In recent years, the company began pushing fitness harder in-headset, showcasing a product called Oculus Move that measures activity and calorie-burning tracking into the Quest 2.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/28/zuckerberg-on-the-quest-2-as-a-fitness-device-its-kind-of-like-a-peloton/

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