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Tired of looking at your own face on Zoom calls? You’re not alone and it seems all this self-reflection has been good for the beauty treatment biz. There’s been a big increase in high-tech beauty “tweakments” – the trendy term for non-surgical cosmetic fixes for worry lines, double chins and “resting b***h face.”

“The Zoom boom is a real phenomenon,” says SkinSpirit CEO and Co-Founder Lynn Heublein, adding that her company revenue has doubled year over year. But she and other medical spa industry experts say video calls aren’t the only reason more people are seeking fillers, laser treatments and such. They suggest it’s part of a bigger shift in self-care that uses new technology to help people put their best face forward.

But can a sprinkling of Botox known as “Babytox” and similar procedures really take “10 years” off your appearance without having to go under the knife? “Hell yes it can,” says Lynn Bartels, an aesthetic nurse practitioner at SkinSpirit. “But making you ‘look younger’ is such a small part of this picture,” she explains. “Our goal here is empowerment.” The trend seems to be moving away from an unrealistic standard of beauty as people embrace a more natural look, and these medical-grade skincare “treatments” seem to make that possible.

Source: USA Today

Source: https://985thecat.iheart.com/featured/toby-knapp/content/2021-11-01-zoom-zoom-meetings-have-folks-seeking-high-tech-beauty-tweakments/

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