Zazie Beetz’s Beauty Secrets, From Three-Step Skin Care to Artful Eyeliner –

[gentle lo-fi music]

Hi, my name is Zazie Beetz,

and I am going to be showing you my skincare routine today

and a fun little daytime look.

I have my hair in braids

’cause I’m shooting Atlanta actually.

I don’t really mind changing my hair for certain things.

I always really try to feel like the character

is the most important part.

Doing braids or even straightening my hair,

which I haven’t had to do yet for anything.

I feel like if the character needs it,

then the character gets it.

The first thing I do every day is I cleanse my face.

I use the soy Fresh cleanser,

I’ve been using this for years.

The only thing that is like actually a routine in my life

is brushing teeth and washing face

every morning and every night.

I don’t care how late it is,

I don’t care how tired I am, I wash my face.

I gonna put some, a good amount,

and I’m just gonna go to town on my face.

Dry off.

Every now and then I’ll do a lip scrub from Fresh.

[gentle music continues]

Okay, so I’m all exfoliated, and I’m gonna wipe it off.

I feel invigorated and fresh.

The first thing in the mornings, I always moisturize.

And my favorite thing to use is True Botanicals,

this one’s the Clear Pure Radiance Oil,

which is an oil that’s like supposed to help

with acne or managing breakouts.

It’s also sustainably made.

I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup,

actually generally don’t wear any makeup

unless I’m working a red carpet or if I’m like onset.

I have a love, not a love/hate,

I have more of a hate relationship with SPF.

I just find it’s really hard to find something

that doesn’t turn me blue,

that doesn’t kind of break me out.

A lot of them make my eyes sting.

So I’ve been really, really trying,

right now, La Roche-Posay is the one that I’m enjoying.

So I rub that in, that adds as another …….


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