‘Your furry babies will die’: China is killing coronavirus patient’s pets – South China Morning Post

But community workers have responded by telling local media there’s no treatment available for animals and euthanasia was the only option.

“If the animal tests positive, then they cannot move back and the whole residential area could not move back, the outbreak will never end,” the worker said.

Please don’t stop advocating, because if you don’t care, maybe it’s your furry babies that will die next
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China is still chasing a zero-Covid-19 strategy. Whenever regional outbreaks happen, local governments use massive testing, contact tracing, and sometimes partial lockdowns to try to contain the spread. The rest of the world is increasingly moving to high vaccination levels and open borders in a coexisting with Covid-19 strategy.

While the public has been generally tolerant of the strategy so far, complaints are on the rise; people are increasingly saying they are tired of the outbreaks, and that the rough, one-size-fits-all treatment from local government and community workers to contain the virus, including bad treatment of pets, is excessive.


Cat food made from silkworm pupae developed by researchers in Taiwan

As a pet owner, Li was outraged by these incidents.

“There’s no medical evidence or legal support for killing these companion animals, it’s extremely inhumane,” she said.

Currently, pet owners are taking matters into their own hands with online petitions and calling on local governments for more humane and well-defined policies.

One post circulating online lists instructions for pet owners who find themselves in trouble with authorities, including social media call-outs, videotaping killings, and other brutal actions by community workers, calling for help through local media outlets, and insisting on being allowed to quarantine with their pets.

There is no firm evidence that pets like cats can easily spread the virus. Photo: AFP

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Source: https://www.scmp.com/news/people-culture/environment/article/3155845/coronavirus-china-killing-pets-covid-19-patients

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