WW Announces Global Launch of New PersonalPoints™ Program: A Revolutionary, Individualized Path To Weight Loss and Sustainable Healthy Living – PRNewswire

Studies have proven that individualized programs work,2,3,4 and this new program is more personalized than ever; in fact, it’s the first time in the company’s history where no two plans are alike, making it easier for members to achieve their goals and sustain them over time. WW PersonalPoints delivers a trifecta of game-changing new elements that work together to yield weight and wellness benefits, including:

  • Individualized plans, custom-built for each member: Upon sign-up, members complete the new PersonalPoints Engine, WW’s proprietary assessment that merges a member’s food and activity preferences with WW’s nutritional algorithm to generate an individualized weight loss and wellness plan. Each member has a unique PersonalPoints Budget with food and activity targets and their very own ZeroPoint foods list, based on the foods they say they love and can’t live without – such as avocado, a new ZeroPoint food option – to help them stay full and feel satisfied. ZeroPoint foods – nutritional powerhouses that members reach for often and do not need to be weighed, measured or tracked – form the foundation for a healthy pattern of eating, as recommended by national and international guidelines.
  • The most advanced food algorithm to date: For the first time since 2015, WW has updated its awarding-winning Points® system to account for added sugar, unsaturated fat and fiber in addition to other nutrients. WW’s team of registered dietitians and nutrition scientists developed the rigorously tested food algorithm to reflect the latest in healthy eating recommendations, boiling down a food’s most important nutritional factors into a single number to make healthy eating simple. Whereas Points® values on the previous system were based on four components – calories, protein, sugar, and saturated fat – the PersonalPoints value is even smarter. The new, cutting-edge food algorithm is now based on six components, adding fiber for a greater focus on fullness and unsaturated fat to nudge members toward heart-healthy fats, as well as replacing sugar with added sugar to better distinguish food with added sugar versus natural sugar.
  • The ability to earn PersonalPoints for healthy behaviors: Now for the first time, members can earn Points® for practicing healthy behaviors to help turbo-charge a healthy habit loop. Behavioral science is clear on this: when people receive positive reinforcement for doing something, they are more likely to repeat it, and repetition creates habits. Members can grow their PersonalPoints Budget by: eating non-starchy vegetables (like carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach), reaching a daily water goal, and moving more.
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