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“Finding Love After Loss: A Relationship Roadmap for Widows” by journalists Marti Benedetti and Mary A. Dempsey (Rowman & Littlefield, $30) is an excellent examination of a variety of choices available to women who are trying to come back after the loss of a husband.

“Finding Love After Loss: A Relationship Roadmap for Widows” by Marti Benedetti and Mary A. Dempsey.

The 168-page well-designed hardback covers a lot of territory, providing up-to-date, useful information for those interested in exploring the options and choices available to widows.

It doesn’t deal with one person’s effort to navigate areas now open that didn’t exist until recently; it showcases the eye-opening experiences of dozens of women who decided to re-enter the dating scene.

After a brief introduction, the authors offer observant insights into their work in the first chapter, commenting “This isn’t your grandmother’s widowhood scene, not by a long shot.”

The authors analyze their methods, explaining that they researched published material but noted: “This book busts the myths about dating in widowhood, details the real-life romances of those who have shaped new relationships, looks at common obstacles for people re-entering the dating arena … and reveals the unconventional ways widows are merging their lives with new partners. It offers a primer for online dating, the big game-changer on the romance scene.”

Chapters are devoted to numerous detailed, often very frank, related subjects, including loving again, sex, love is not enough, traveling with an entourage, as well as dealing with challenging health and financial situations.

The chapter on E-Love explores how to structure an on-line dating profile, what the terms mean and the dangers and frustrations that may occur, such as cyber-stalking, catfishing and ghosting.

The last three chapters focus on merging lives, loneliness and the time of the widow. There are chapter footnotes, a bibliography and an index.

The observations provided by many of the widows (all under assumed names, for the protection of privacy) explore a wide variety of emotions, likely to leave you gasping in amazement, appreciating similar memories or giggling.

Marti Benedetti, a journalism graduate from MSU, was a newspaper reporter and public relations specialist, mostly in the Detroit area.

She became a self-employed journalist and researcher; each chapter has a brief inclusion from a blog that she began initially to help her get over her husband’s death.

She …….

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