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Humans are wired to perform better in everything. This addictive desire to grow supports our survival and catapults us to achieve greatness in our endeavors. It does not matter what you seek to achieve; self-improvement is vital when pursuing success and happiness. We spoke to Dimitriy N. Mishin, a serial entrepreneur and author, as he shed light on how venture capital funds can be obtained and utilised to fuel your companies’ self-improvement.

Mishin works in the industry of venture capital and is the author of The Capitalist Manifesto. When it comes to understanding investments, cryptocurrency, and financial matters, Dimitriy is the person with the answers. Moreover, he is also an expert in managing and dealing with funds. To build and sustain a good deal of cash flow as a venture capitalist, he must carefully cultivate his relationships with various funds. These funds are used by entrepreneurs to improve their companies and the industries they reside in. Currently, his biggest partner is Day One Ventures, whose company, remote.com, recently became a unicorn at a $1 billion+ valuation. Dimitriy’s other prominent partners include the likes of Newlab (NYC), Republic Labs, and SkyRiver Ventures.

The business and economics graduate’s success journey in financial assets and entrepreneurship has primarily been influenced by his obsession with self-improvement. The industry-leading entrepreneur’s vast portfolios and background experience began with a hunger to be better as a person and in his fields of expertise. “The way we perceive success or failure greatly contributes to our well-being and our ability to move on past the obstacles we face in life,” he says.

Mishin admits to having encountered numerous challenges as he built his empire, but he always remained visionary and optimistic throughout. Dimitriy personalised his journey by consistently evaluating and working on his strengths and weaknesses while also learning from his mistakes. He explains, “With the many distractions in life, you must embrace the art of discipline and accountability as you embark on personal development.”

In these volatile and unpredictable times where challenges in life are inevitable, Dimitriy portrays that transformation, reinvention, and nurturing a growth mindset are but a simple price to pay in the path of self-improvement.

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