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Winter House star Lindsay Hubbard’s current dating status is the subject of rumors, such as whether her new beau may be Austen Kroll.

We all know that Bravo cast members are faced with lots of speculation, especially when it comes to who is dating who…

When Southern Charm and Summer House stars began living with each other for the new series Winter House, a few juicy romances took place.

We got to grips with who Lindsay is dating post-filming, and listed all the events that happened between her and Austen.

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Lindsay and Austen: What happened

Since Austen arrived at the Winter House, things have been flirty between the two since. He even picked her up in his arms after his arrival…

However, they have actually just been best friends for almost four years.

Then, things seem to move quickly between them – to Austen’s shock. Lindsay told him she is in love with him during a drunken night.

However, he didn’t stay loyal to their situationship, as he made out with someone else – Ciara Miller, which didn’t surprise Lindsay.

She claimed during an interview with ET that their friendship sometimes might cross the line, admitting that it has got confusing in the past.

Lindsay said:

I always found that, with Austen and I, we have such a strong friendship that it is a little scary to blur those lines, and then we get drunk and say stuff and forget what we said the next morning.

Who is Lindsay Hubbard dating?

Lindsay is thought to have continued dating co-star Jason Cameron after filming, a model who she romantically clicked with in the house.

However, where their relationship now stands is unknown. She has also sparked relationship rumors with Carl Radke, who she looks loved-up with.

The two previously dated, and have recently sparked reconciliation rumors after being spotted out together.

When probed about her and Carl, Lindsay told ET Online: “Um… no, there’s nothing we want to say about it.”

Then Carl jumped in to say: “Obviously, we’re very tight. We’re in a good place.” Before Lindsay adds: “All love and support.”

She has since revealed that she is “happy right now”, avoiding …….

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