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Dating: It’s hard!

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Whether you’re on ✨the apps✨ or you’re out there trying to find love the old-fashioned way, chances are you’ve run into your fair share of situations where some sage advice may have gone a long way.

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With that, we figured it’s time to crowdsource. So, what’s a piece of dating advice you wish you’d learned a lot sooner?

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Maybe you’re a big subscriber to the whole “If they wanted to, they would” belief that’s all over TikTok.

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Ya know, meaning like if someone really, truly wanted to see you or talk to you, they would. And frankly, it’s as simple as that!

Perhaps as you got older, you realized that you shouldn’t have to teach other adults basic human decency…and if you do, they’re probably not worth keeping around.

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Or maybe you watched BoJack Horseman, and you found this line to be especially poignant:

It says: “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”


So whatever your best dating advice may be, please leave it in the comments. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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