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Our picture prompt “Hitting The Road” evoked beloved memories of favorite road trips and plans for future ones, as well as inspired stories and poetry. Students used rich descriptive language in their comments, showing the emotional power and transformative potential of a getaway into nature.

As much as I can remember, one of my favorite road trips so far during my lifetime is from where I used to live in a city called Surabaya, to all the way to another city called Bandung. It was a 10 hour lengthy drive, and I was an impish 8 year old at the time. I was with my Mom, Brother, and driver. Our destination was up at the verdant mountains alongside flat dormant volcanoes where its waters were steamed up. There were endless wavy rice fields along with the coconut trees dancing in the wind as we arrived. The views were wonderful, there were a bunch of blooming flowers, indigenous plants and trees at the exquisite site. The atmosphere of the place was soothing and calm, which set the mood. This was one of the most beautiful road trips I’ve ever experienced.

— Tristan, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

2016. The year of Pokemon Go, Stranger Things, and Harambe. And, of course, the year my family and I took a road trip to Colorado. Now the drive there was simply divine; the lush forests stretching for the eyes can see, flowing rivers rushing past, and a clear, cloudless sky for miles. But if the drive was divine, the destination was heaven. The Rocky Mountains were stunning. Traversing across them felt like we were transported into a different world. Their perilous edges and steep roads only added to the pleasure. The bison we saw were quite amazing as well. I feel if combat tanks were turned into animals, they’d be bison. I mean, they can take lightning strikes and not flinch! Aside from nature, the time I got to spend with my family was amazing. Those days were the days we had the most fun. Nowadays, school and work usually get into the way, even more so now that my sister is 3 hours away for college. But no matter the distance we are apart, it’s these very memories that keep us connected, no matter how far we are.

— …….

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/14/learning/what-students-are-saying-about-video-game-limits-parental-involvement-in-dating-and-road-trips.html

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