WellSpan Health launches no-cost flu vaccination voucher program to keep communities a healthy step ahead – WellSpan Health

Just in time for flu season, WellSpan Health is launching a Helping Others, Protecting Everyone (H.O.P.E) Flu Vaccine initiative to promote health equity and keep communities a healthy step ahead. The program provides seasonal flu vaccinations at no-cost to individuals across the communities WellSpan serves (South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland).

“At WellSpan, we know the best way to prevent the spread of viruses is through vaccination. It’s part of our mission to make vaccinations easily accessible and thereby by protect our entire community,” explained Ann Kunkel, vice president of community health & engagement, WellSpan Health.

Vouchers are available at www.wellspan.org/flu for our community partners to assist uninsured and underinsured individuals in getting their flu vaccinations. The initiative is in collaboration with Rite Aid locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland where the vouchers will be accepted through the flu season.

The voucher also encourages individuals to get their COVID-19 vaccination at the same time as they are also available free of charge.

WellSpan will pick up the full cost for the vaccination for uninsured community members and any remaining cost after insurance for individuals with coverage.

This effort is part of WellSpan Health’s commitment to keeping individuals in our communities a health step ahead. You can learn more by visiting www.WellSpanCommunity.org.

Source: https://www.wellspan.org/news/story/wellspan-health-launches-no-cost-flu-vaccination-voucher-program-to-keep-communities-a-healthy-step-ahead/N6550

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