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Danielle told Express.co.uk she “suffered with a few emotional issues in the past which I fed literally with food”. After eating takeaways almost every night for weeks, she decided she needed to do something to become physically and mentally better.

“Some weeks I did.

“I used to get so excited ordering takeaway or eating out to the point it was the only way I felt I could be happy, but once the reality hit of what I was eating or how crap it made me feel, the buzz was gone.”

This motivated Danielle to lose weight but nothing seemed to work at first.

She said: “I would try a diet, shake, or even a pill for a quick fix.


“I then attended a weight loss group with a friend.

“I tried that for three months, and much to my delight I managed to shed nearly two stone.

“It was the best feeling ever.”

But after staying the same weight for a while, or fluctuating a few pounds “here and there”, Danielle decided she wanted to try something different.

“All in all, it’s taken about two and a half years.

“Even when lockdown kicked us all into the unknown, I joined Curves Facebook group which was full of the most inspiring women who consistently push to make changes to their lives every day.

“The Curves community genuinely inspired me.”

Danielle continues to do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week and uses the app My Fitness Pal to come up with healthy recipes.

She said: “I’m now six stone down from my initial start weight 3 years ago.

“The effect I feel most is the emotional and mental impact.

“I’m not saying I never have a bad day, that would be totally untrue, but how I approach a bad day has changed dramatically.”

The 32-year-old added: “I have so much energy, and having the energy to take myself for a workout/walk/run to relieve stress or a crappy mood rather than eat and lay about feeling worse about myself is extremely satisfying.”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/diets/1514173/weight-loss-how-to-lose-weight-takeaways-exercise-fitness-plan-real-life-transformation

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