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Weight loss is driven by energy balance, calorie in vs calorie out and if we tend to eat more than we burn, it will lead to weight gain over time. Balancing energy expenditure and energy intake is the most critical factor for sustainable weight loss but there are various techniques for burning calories without dieting.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dietician Mac, Co-Founder and CMO of Fitelo, shared, “Maintaining your weight and overall health depends on getting a good night’s sleep. Important hormones, especially those involved in metabolism, are disrupted by lack of sleep. Reduce stress because it can cause weight gain in different ways. People may use food as a coping mechanism for stress and as a comfort food. Prolonged, chronic stress can also alter your hormones, which can increase your appetite and cause a craving for high-calorie comfort foods like ice cream, chips and pizza.”

The health expert advised, “Try eating mindfully or with awareness. It is a fantastic weight-management tool. Practising mindful eating may help with portion control and appetite reduction. Distractions like televisions, laptops, and reading materials should be avoided when mindful eating. It is ideal to eat at a table, focus on how the meal tastes, chew it thoroughly, and pay attention to when your body is showing indications of fullness. Drink water frequently. Water consumption can aid in weight loss, particularly if it is done before meals. About 30 minutes prior to meals, drinking half a litre of water decreases hunger and lowers calorie consumption. Make snacks healthier because homemade, wholesome snacks can increase fullness and cut back on the calories consumed during meals. Some options for healthy snacks include Black chana chaat, homemade popcorn, dry roasted makhana, fresh fruits and roasted papad.”

Asheesh Grewal, CEO and Founder of MyHealthBuddy, recommended five things we can focus on when losing weight apart from diet:

1. Sleep – Ensuring 7-8 hours’ night time sleep as recommended by The National Sleep Foundation. Sleep deprivation increases cravings, reduces the urge to be active besides influencing many of our hormonal functions

2. NEAT- Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis includes every unplanned activity or movement like walking, breathing, household chores, gardening etc. Improving NEAT can significantly balance energy expenditure, thus helping keep extra KGs at bay.

3. Stress – Managing stress levels can help you lose weight effectively. Chronic stress leads to elevated cortisol levels which increases cravings for calorie dense foods and fat storage, specifically around abdominal area

4. Environment – The food delivery apps, readily availability …….

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