Weight loss: Does drinking alcohol really make you put on kilos? We explain – Times of India

The verdict is clear- while alcohol is most certainly a high calorie beverage , it can also influence other lifestyle habits, and factors which contribute to weight gain. Therefore, if you are mindful of your alcohol intake, or have an addiction, you will be at the risk of obesity, and other concerning health issues including heart disease, liver failure, digestive issues, cancers and even mental illnesses.

Having said that, do remember that the stress is on mindful consumption of alcohol. While excess alcohol is definitely not a good habit, and has long-term impacts on your health, having a glass (or maximum two) of alcoholic beverages every now and then would be safe to have, provided you are in charge of your lifestyle. Monitor how alcohol impacts your health, your mental health and if you find yourself to be at risk, get help at the earliest.

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