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Diwali is all about lights, fireworks and mouth watering delicacies, and most of us end up with some weight gain after the period of festivities. Though it is okay to be a little carefree and indulge in soul-satiating food during festivals. But, post-Diwali, the weight gain due to sweet indulgences and fat-laden food becomes a matter of concern for us. After a while, it can become difficult to return to your pre-Diwali shape. But there are some easy tips to help shed those extra kilos and enjoy the festival guilt-free.

1. Detox yourself

Detox yourself to flush out the toxins and harmful substances caused due to pollution, poor diet, alcohol, medications, illness and stress. Hence, it becomes necessary to reboot your body so that it can function optimally again. It also helps in weight loss.

You can consume cinnamon/tulsi/ orange-infused water, salads, smoothies, and cold-pressed green juices to stimulate the overall wellbeing of the digestive system to accept weight-loss targeted foods.

2. Foods for speeding weight loss

Indian kitchens are rich in traditional herbs and spices like cinnamon, cumin and ajwain which can help in boosting the metabolism and stimulate weight loss without any side effects. Apart from these, you can also include kale, spinach, and collard greens in your diet to accelerate weight loss.

Probiotics like curd and yogurt will also help you to reduce bloating, improve immunity and prevent fluctuations in weight by promoting better absorption of nutrients. Legumes like beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils contain protein and fibre, all of which are beneficial for losing weight.

3. Reduce sugar intake

One of the most important facts that one must monitor post-Diwali is sugar intake. As you all have had enough of fried snacks and scrumptious desi sweets, it is advised to reduce sugar from the diet. You can consume natural sugar through fruits and veggies which also provide fibre. Refrain yourself from consuming processed and oily foods.

4. Diet to reduce weight

It becomes quite important to monitor your diet post-Diwali to cut down that extra weight. Your diet plays an important role in weight loss. Include healthy diets like oats, poha, buttermilk, soaked almonds, and smoothies in your breakfast. For lunch, you can take chapattis, dal, psyllium husk, Idli, and salad. Try including brown rice, chapattis, dry vegetables, steamed vegetables and moong dal in …….

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