Weight loss: 5 low-calorie desserts that you can eat this Diwali without guilt – Times of India

Any kind of sweets made with curdled milk is good to have this Diwali. Rosogulla, Chhenna payas, Sandesh all can be enjoyed during this festive season, but with care. While eating these sweets, just squeeze out the extra sugar syrup to lower the sugar intake. Sweets made with curdled milk is also good for your intestine. It can help to prevent diarrhoea and also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/diet/weight-loss-5-low-calorie-desserts-that-you-can-eat-this-diwali-without-guilt/photostory/87512266.cms

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