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Dev Doee did not follow a traditional career path to get to their current role of Chief Creative Officer and Creative Director of We Are Fluide, a mission-driven beauty brand designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. From job pivots to discovering the emotional benefits of experimenting with makeup, Doee is on a mission to bring joy, play and discovery into the beauty industry at large while continuing to push for representation across race, age and gender.

Dev Doee, Chief Creative Officer of We Are Fluide


Amy Shoenthal: Tell me about what brought you to We Are Fluide and your career leading up to it.

Dev Doee: My career really started in B2B and experiential marketing. I’ve worked for companies like VaynerMedia, Synopsis Media and Access Intelligence. But I always had a passion for creative pursuits, which is why I was also working as a makeup influencer, a makeup artist, a creative and a dancer. I went to the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, but earned a dual degree so I also have a Bachelor of Arts in dance. I come from a background that’s very creative but also extremely analytical. 

I actually discovered We Are Fluide through Facebook ads. I had never seen a marketing campaign featuring an Asian boy and a trans woman wearing makeup and it just really struck me. I emailed the company and said, ‘hi, I love what you’re doing. I’d love to work with you in some capacity.’ And they actually got back to me. I did a photo shoot with them and we just kept talking. It eventually turned into a consulting role. And then next thing you know I’m the chief creative officer, which is amazing.

Shoenthal: How long did it take from that first outreach to you working your way up to chief creative officer? What was that journey like?

Doee: I did my first photo shoot with them (as a model) in 2018, and accepted the chief creative officer role two years later, during the pandemic. 

Shoenthal: That’s a pretty quick ascend into a pivotal role. Do you ever face criticism for being such a young CCO?

Doee: I am actually praised for being a younger executive. It’s also important to note that there are not very many Black and trans executives, so holding this title is …….

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