WATCH NOW: One Region working to make Northwest Indiana a national technology hub –

Young expects Indiana has a good shot of landing at least one of the regional tech hubs, given its role as the top manufacturing state in the country and a place that’s been hit hard by unfair competition from China.

He said Northwest Indiana’s concentration of data centers, colleges and universities, adaptable workers, and a regional commitment to the project makes it practically ideal for becoming a leader in semiconductor manufacturing, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, battery storage and green energy technologies.

“You know what, we have so much of that expertise right here sitting here today, right here in the Region,” Young said. “But if we’re not identifying ourselves as having common interests, which we do, and then establishing common goals, which you’re in the process of, and then collectively harnessing our energies to accomplish those goals — we’re missing a big opportunity.”

“Because it will be those communities, those regions, around the country that are positioning themselves for excellence which will be identified as the next hubs, the next Silicon Valleys, the next Research Triangles. It’s clear from the conversation today, and to many of you here, that all we need to do is, like a peacock, go out there and show the rest of the country exactly what we offer.”

Join Cpl. Jerry Patrick, as he patrols the hallways of Lake Central and Kahler Middle School.

Mrvan said he’s ready to do his part as the representative for the 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House.


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