WALTER is said to be dating current WWE NXT UK star, more open to moving to the United States – Wrestling News

There is a lot of talk right now that WALTER may be finally making the move to the United States.

Up until now, he has only worked on a few United States shows because he has wanted to stay close to his wife and he has a house in Germany. However, there have been some changes in his personal life that had led to him to reconsider his stance on working full-time in the states.

WALTER is said to be getting a divorce and he is now dating NXT UK star Jinny. The couple has been public about this on their social media accounts, as you can see in the photos below.

WALTER has been wrestling matches against Cesaro as of late but those matches took place on the recent UK tour. It looks like fans could see more of WALTER on the main roster in the near future…or at least more of him in NXT 2.0.


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