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Certified Animal Control Officer Kelly McNab has been the sergeant at Hood County Animal Control since 2013. As a result of her love for animals, McNab first became involved as a volunteer at Hood County Animal Control in 2011, and began working as an animal control officer there in 2012.


Becoming a Hood County Animal Control Volunteer is a three-step process.  The first step is to complete and return the required paperwork along with a background check to be conducted. 

Upon successful completion of the background check, you are contacted and invited to attend a volunteer orientation session.  During orientation, volunteers will receive an overview of Animal Control services and volunteer opportunities available.

After the orientation, volunteers are scheduled for a one-on-one safety session.  After this session, you are an official Hood County Animal Control volunteer.  You can make up your own schedule, if it is an hour a month or an hour a week, we appreciate all of your help.   

Animal Control Volunteers assist officers with daily operations and special events.  Opportunities to contribute include: Transport, walking, socializing, bathing and grooming pets, assisting citizens on-site who are considering adoption, answering phones, filing, laundry, cleaning kennels, assisting with special events, etc.  Every task at Animal Control is an important part of maintaining a safe and clean environment for the pets and members of the public.

Animal Control Volunteers help our officers provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the homeless pets housed at the facility. Volunteers interact closely with the dogs and cats in our adoptable wings, enriching the lives of those pets while they are in our care, and increasing the likelihood of successful placements with approved rescues or forever homes.

While here, volunteers gain insights that allow them to promote animal awareness within the community. And, many volunteers have been fortunate enough to meet their new canine or feline “best friend.”

Whether you want to become a volunteer for the love of animals or the desire to help the community, we welcome you to join us in helping the animals and residents within our community. 

Helping to socialize a pet and then watching them get adopted to their forever home is one of the best feelings.  Knowing you had a part in the process of helping the pet is everything.     


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