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This month’s VOICE Talks will center around how leading companies are transforming their industries through voice-enabled AI technologies. Our guests will discuss how they have harnessed the power of voice technology and AI to advance their industries and enhance and inspire the well-being of users.

“We’re thrilled to have such distinguished industry leaders on VOICE Talks to share the benefits of conversational technology,” said Pete Erickson, executive producer of VOICE Talks and CEO of Modev. “As we wrap up 2021, it’s inspiring to hear how customer experience is driving industry growth. I look forward to learning how Strava, Kintsugi and Capstone are helping individuals prioritize their bodies, minds, and souls.”

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Watch VOICE Talks November 11 episode and hear from:

  • Mark Gainey, executive chairman and co-founder of Strava will be in conversation with Dina Berrada, director of product at Google Assistant to discuss how voice technology has impacted his business and the fitness industry. Strava, the running and fitness app, is committed to helping athletes achieve their goals and manage the successes and obstacles they face along the way. When it comes to engaging users and remaining on the cutting edge, Strava leads the way and has leveraged voice-enabled technologies to foster community across the platform. In 2021 alone, the company released more than 80 innovative new features and updates to extend its reach while keeping the user experience simple and fun.
  • Grace Chang, founder, and CEO, principal software engineer, Kintsugi, will explore the importance of mental health awareness. She is joining VOICE Talks to discuss the steps her company is taking to help provide proper care through technological advancements. Discover how this AI startup is paving the way for easier and “smarter” access to mental health. Its voice biomarker technology works to score clinical depression and anxiety from 20 seconds of free-form speech in any language — making it possible for healthcare systems to more easily identify, triage, and care for a patient’s mental health in real-time.

The episode will also discuss how stories shared via voice-enabled AI can help encourage our future leaders. Hear from:

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