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The kitchen isn’t going to be everyone’s favorite place but with lots of cool, new kitchen gear hitting the market, that could soon change. We talked with Vince Offer, purveyor of the perennially awesome Slap Chop kitchen tool to get his take on some new kitchen gadgets taking the market by storm. Find out what The ShamWow Guy had to say below.

8 of the Best Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

You might be getting by now when it comes to your cooking routine, but here are a few more items that make a compelling argument for space on your countertop.

Sushi Maker Roller Machine

Who doesn’t like sushi? One thing is certain, not many people like making it. Vince Offer the ShamWow Guy reports that there are several models out now that look promising. With this handy little gadget, sushi lovers can add their favorite ingredients and pull off a perfect roll every time.

These models are simple to use and the results are impressive. Guests will be blown away if you serve your own homemade sushi at your next event.

Vacuum Sealer

Vince Offer notes that these have been out for a while, but the technology and ease-of-use keeps getting better. A vacuum sealer removes all the air from food packaging and takes little room in the freezer or refrigerator.

Canning is popular again since the pandemic started and shortages and out-of-stock groceries became more common place. The newest models of vacuum sealers that the ShamWow Guy has seen include adapters for the tops of canning jars. These adapters allow you to “dry can” items like uncooked rice and beans in jars for long term storage.


If you’re watching the carbs this winter, keep an eye out for a spiralizer. They allow inspired home chefs to make tasty pasta-like creations using veggies instead of noodles. Whether it’s zucchini, squash, eggplant, or something that hasn’t been discovered yet, ShamWow Guy Vince Offer says a spiralizer will help amp up your cooking game while keeping things healthy.

Olive Oil Sprayer

Olive oil is now a kitchen staple, making its way daily into pots and pans and salads. Keeping it in the wrong container could mean accidentally pouring it all over the place or drowning your veggies to the point of no return.

That’s why an olive oil sprayer can save the day, allowing you to use …….


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