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7x NBA champion Robert Horry recently reveals the Spurs were the ‘boringest’ team in the league, saying they had no drama in the franchise.

Robert Horry was a part of many championship-winning teams, securing chips with three separate franchises. One of those teams was the San Antonio Spurs. The forward won 2 NBA titles with the Silver and Black franchise in 2005 and 2007. We all remember his iconic clutch shot for the Spurs against the Pistons. Check out the clip here:

Right now, there is too much drama in the league. Firstly, Kyrie Irving saga with the Brooklyn Nets. Secondly, Ben Simmons’ ongoing back and forth with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Recently, the 7x NBA champion Robert Horry discussed the Kyrie Irving issue with the Nets. Ironically, when asked about drama, he went the opposite and talked about the least dramatic team he was a part of. So, what exactly did he say? Read on and find out….

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7x NBA champion Robert Horry calls the Spurs the ‘boringest’ team he was a part of.

Robert Horry was no stranger to drama during his time in the NBA, being part of Shaq-Kobe Lakers. As a result, when Robert Horry was asked about the Kyrie Irving saga, he tried to compare it to the moments he experienced during his career.

The 7x time NBA champion explained that the Houston Rockets had some serious issues, and so did the Los Angeles Lakers. However, when it came to San Antonio, there was not a lot to talk about.

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“We had the situation when Vernon [Maxwell] left the team in ’95’. But other than that, when you’re winning, you cover up a lot of stuff.” The Spurs did plenty of that in the early 2000s, but the lack of drama still sticks out in Horry’s mind.

“In San Antonio, we never had any damn drama,” said Horry. “That was the most boringest team. The most exciting …….

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