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TIKTOK is flooded with tips that millions claim are the secret to weight loss.

While many turn out to be a fad, one hack being raved about may actually work, experts say.


TikTok users are going crazy for a drink that could help with weight lossCredit: Alamy

Chia seed water has gained popularity on the social media platform as a simple way to suppress appetite and lose weight. 

The beverage involves mixing two tablespoons of seeds into a large glass of water and leaving it to sit for a few minutes.

The chia seeds swell in the water and become soft. In smaller amounts of water it becomes gloopier.

Viral videos say the drink creates a feeling of fullness, and therefore reduces hunger, because the seeds expand in the stomach and form a gel.

They recommend it 30 minutes before meals, possibly to prevent overeating.

But experts say the elixir has a number of other health benefits that help with the weight loss process. 

Chia seeds are bursting with vitamins but are also high in fat and protein, nutrients that help you feel more satisfied and prevent overeating. 

They also have a high fibre content of around 10g in two tablespoons – a third of the NHS recommended daily amount.

Fibre has been shown in research to promote weight loss, as the NHS says: “Choosing foods with fibre also makes us feel fuller, while a diet rich in fibre can help digestion and prevent constipation.”

It’s also strongly associated with lower odds of bowel cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Nutritionist Kerri Ferraioli told Insider the hyped up water can help with weight loss due to its high health fat content and ability to make a person feel full faster and longer. 

Registered dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix added: “Because it has protein and healthy fat, they can make you feel full and last longer in your system without causing your blood sugar to spike.”

When blood sugar levels spike, it can cause highs and lows in energy and chaotic hunger levels.

Is there evidence?

There is plenty of evidence to back that the properties of chia seeds are beneficial for overall health.

But there are no studies that have proven that the seeds themselves will lead to weight …….

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/health/3950121/tiktok-weight-loss-trick-experts-say-works/

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