Thursday: Online Dating, Netflix Manipulation, China Supercomputers & Telecom – Market Research Telecast

Tinder was yesterday, today you can search for a partner online via Twitter, TikTok and even e-mail newsletters. Netflix, on the other hand, continues to be popular, but has to put up with criticism for a controversial film that the streaming service initially advertised scandalously and then hidden using algorithms – a brief overview of the most important reports.

Dating-Apps may be quick and easy to use, but reviewers say their design and focus on images reduces people to cartoons – not to mention awkward and racist comments that also add to the bad name. People on the Looking for a relationship are fed up with apps and find Inspiration on Twitter, TikTok, and even email newsletters: The partner search on the net is now different.

the #heiseshow is dedicated to this today at 12 noon Fairphone 4: How important are sustainability and modularity?

Netflix has the movie “Cuties” in his Search and suggestion algorithms to the controversy over to defuse the film. Apparently the controversial feature film manually deleted from various suggestion lists. Manipulated algorithms should hide controversial film “Cuties” on Netflix.

The race is also controversial fastest supercomputer in the world to. Like the USA, Japan and Europe, China has been working for years on supercomputers that can do more than 1 trillion floating point calculations per second, i.e. 1 Exaflops. The next edition of the Top500 list could be the first time Exascale-System appear – and even immediately two Chinese EFlops supercomputers, because when it comes to supercomputers, China is already in the exaflops area.

Chinese cellular company are also active in western countries. But now it should US subsidiary of China Telecom their Discontinue services in the United States. According to the US regulator, the company is uncooperative, dishonest and a threat to national security. Therefore, China Telecom is supposed to close down in the USA.

Bangladesh on the other hand is on the way to atomland. Last week the first reactor pressure vessel was in the Nuclear power plant in Ruppur has been installed. Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2023. A look into the details leaves you without Super GAU Expect the worst: nuclear country Bangladesh – it’s getting serious.

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