This Morning: Dating coach charges $10,000 for four month program to help clients find ‘the one’ – Daily Mail

A dating coach who charges $10,000 (£7,000) to help clients find ‘the one’ justified her hefty price tag by claiming she’s ‘on-demand’ and ‘obsessed’ with her clients – and will even accompany them on dates.

Amy Nobile, a dating coach from New York, who claims to have an 80% success, appeared on This Morning today and told how she once made dating her ‘job’ and was meeting up to five people a day – adding that all of her ‘mistakes’ serve her now in her new career.

Since then, she went on to launch dating app Love, Amy, but viewers and presenter Alison Hammond were shocked to hear she charges a hefty $10,000 sum for her four month program. 

Speaking of the extortionate fee, Amy said: ‘It’s really interesting. We will spend a lot of money in our lives on all kinds of things, professional coaches, nutritional coaches, all kinds of luxuries. 

‘Arguably the most important thing in life is love and so to really put yourself on a journey to empower yourself to find that special person in your life, it is a valuable journey.’  

The dating coach revealed that she tells her clients there should be ‘no shenanigans’ until date four rule. Pictured, presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary

She continued: ‘I am also a very unique coach. Usually when you hire professional coaches for around the same prices, you get a few hours a month of their time, you can email them. For me, I’m an on-demand coach. I only take a certain amount of clients and I’m obsessed with them – and we’re in it.

If a client needs to call me from a bathroom on a date, he or she can call me from the bathroom during a date. I will answer and really be there every step of the way.’

During the segment of the show, Amy explained how her dating app was the ‘most unexpected career twist of my life.’

‘I love it so much,’ she said. ‘I am a serial entrepreneur and I’ve written four books all designed to empower women.

‘And in the course of writing my last book, which is a book about reinventing yourself, I realized very poignantly that I had to leave my marriage of 20 years – we were together for 26 – with two beautiful …….


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