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You don’t need to be an RV enthusiast to recognize the famous Airstream trailer. It’s been around since 1936 and is an American icon. Now the company behind the Airstream is giving it a modern makeover with all the latest tech and its own electric motor. Tap or click here to hear Kim tell you all about it.

The pandemic saw people using recreational vehicles more than ever. And why not? You can take your work with you and stop worrying about flights or hotels.

Not a fan of roughing it? You don’t have to be! Here are five ways to make your RV feel more cozy and welcoming. It’s just like taking your home on the road!

1. Internet on the go

We understand that people like to leave their connected life behind and unplug for a while. But if you need to be in contact with work or loved ones on the road, having a stable internet connection is a huge help.

First, invest in a mobile hotspot plan. Once that’s set up with your carrier, you’ll need the device itself to connect your phone, tablet or laptop to the internet. Mobile hotspots act as a bridge between your devices and a cellular network.

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The Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G mobile hotspot lets you connect up to 32 devices simultaneously and is compatible with 5G and 4G. Wi-Fi 6 capability offers speeds up to 1.8 Gbps.

The Nighthawk M5 has a 13-hour battery life and a simple touchscreen display so that you can set it up to your liking. You can plug it in with the AC adapter and even charge a device via its USB-C port. WPA3 personalized encryption ensures the highest security standards.

If the Nighthawk M5 is too pricey for your taste, check out the M1, which lets you connect 20 devices and works with 4G.

NOTE: These hotspots work best with AT&T and T-Mobile service.

2. Portable power

Unless you’re at a campsite with power, you should bring a portable generator. This lets you run electric appliances when you are off the grid or charge your RV’s batteries.

When eyeing a new generator, some key things are your power needs and space limitations. You should also consider an …….


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