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The latest viral TikTok beauty trend doesn’t just offer a transforming look, with some trendsetters claiming it can also ‘brainwash men’ to make them fall in love with you.

Known as the ‘white dots’ trend, or ‘four-eye dots trick’, the beauty trend has garnered major attention thanks to its TikTok creator Michelle Diaz, who regularly sports the look.

TikToker Christy3369_ said the look “definitely works” and claimed she got a “crazy amount of compliments” when she wore it out. (TikTok / @christy3369_)

Diaz, who is known for giving out dating, love, and relationship advice, says her four-eye white dot trick “can make any man fall in love”.

Since Diaz first aired a tutorial on how to mimic her signature look, TikTokers everywhere have pulled out their white eyeliner pencils, to give the hypnotic trend a go.

TikToker @christy3369_ gained thousands of views for her attempt at the look, which she claims “definitely works”.

In her video, Christy writes “got a crazy amount of compliments” over the top of footage of her modelling the unique eye look. Her captions dubs the trend “different, but VERY cute”.

How to do the ‘brainwashing’ four-eye white dot trend

  1. Apply your makeup like you usually would.
  2. Take a white liquid liner, look straight ahead in the mirror, and gently dab on the following dots around each eye: one at the inner corner, one at the outer corner, one somewhere between your eyelid and eyebrow, and one below your lower lash line, in the under-eye area.

Tip: Use your pupils as a guide to align the height of the corner dots and to centre the placement of the top and bottom dots.

So, does it actually work?

Unfortunately, the brainwashing effects of this TikTok trend are yet to be proven, but that’s not to say you won’t, as many claim, receive more compliments than usual while sporting the look.

In Christy’s video, followers have reported in the comments section they too have received props for the eye look.

“This man was like I can’t stop looking at you,” one follower wrote.

“This look is …….


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