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Fruit is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, and is an essential part of any healthy diet. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you need to be more choosy when it comes to which fruit you eat and which you leave off your plate altogether. We love the idea of loading up on a variety of fruits in different colors and textures, but there are a select few that should be avoided if you’re trying to slim down. What are they?


“Typically the more water and fiber a fruit contains, the larger the serving size [you can eat],” board certified dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot writes in her book “The F Factor Diet.” While strawberries, which are high in fiber, have a serving size of 1 1/4 cup on her program, raisins “have a measly 2 tablespoons serving size for the same 15 grams of carbs.” Ah, that makes sense–they just don’t pack as much of a fiber punch as other fruits, and therefore the serving sizes recommended are small. “If you are trying to lose weight, filling up on foods that offer you bigger portions will result in a more satisfying weight loss plan,” she continues.

“Raisins have a very high glycemic index and can sabotage any diet plan,” health and wellness professional Dr. Matt Chalmers agrees.

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The Tropicals

“Everything is ok in moderation; that being said many are not good at moderation when it comes to eating and dieting,” weight loss physician Dr. Craig Primack tells us. And that includes what Dr. Primack says are “the tropical” fruits: bananas, papaya, mango and pineapple. “This category tends to have more sugar and calories than the other fruit groups (berries and fruits that grow in the continental U.S.), and if you are trying to avoid sugar, it is best to avoid this group.”


After raisins, “Watermelon comes in close behind due to the fiber and water,” Dr. Chalmers explains. The glycemic index tells us how quickly the food turns into sugar, he explains, and because of watermelon’s high placement on the index it should be avoided for a weight management diet.


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