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The Tech is also honoring four laureates who, through constructive use of data, enable people to access connected and collaborative lives. Tens of thousands of students and visitors will learn about the laureates in an exhibition at The Tech Interactive starting Nov. 13, made possible by storytelling partner 5 Media. Hoffman and the laureates will be honored at a celebration in spring 2022.

Blue Sky Analytics 
Presented by the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
This climate tech startup analyzes satellite data using AI to provide high-resolution and near-real time datasets on environmental and climate parameters,  helping organizations, companies, communities and countries manage their climate risk and obtain net-zero goals.

Buzz Solutions 
Presented by Judy and Erica Swanson
This company uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and damage in power lines, allowing  utility companies to quickly address issues and prevent blackouts and forest fires.

Presented by NetApp
This open source platform helps global citizens strengthen their communities and enact social change through access to data and technology. Users are empowered to rapidly and purposefully gather, visualize, analyze, respond and act on data and information from multiple sources.

Wild Me 
This organization’s technology blends structured wildlife research with artificial intelligence and computer vision to speed population analysis of animal species around the globe and develop new insights to bring an end to extinction through the contributions of hobbyists and scientists.

About The Tech Interactive
The Tech Interactive is a family-friendly science and technology center in the heart of downtown San Jose. Our hands-on activities, experimental labs and design challenge experiences empower people to innovate with creativity, curiosity and compassion. The Tech is a world leader in the creation of immersive STEAM education resources to develop the next generation of problem-solvers locally, nationally and globally. We believe that everyone is born an innovator who can change the world for the better.

SOURCE The Tech Interactive

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