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Each time our day starts, we check our mobile phone to know the time or who sent us messages. We also check what is going on social media. We go to the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, toast our bread, turn on our laptop or computer and start our day.

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If we are going to look at it, we are all dependent on technology from electricity to telecommunication. How do we define technology? Technology is an application of knowledge and the use of tools like machines in order to control what is around us.

Brief History of Technology

The simple discovery of fire of early humans is considered a milestone for humans to realize what we can do and the power that we possess. Fast forward, the Founding Father of the United States Benjamin Franklin is not only famous for writing the Declaration of Independence of the US but also made an observation of the lightning then later made a research on electricity. In the future, it was developed by many brilliant inventors and engineers such as Nicolas Tesla and later Thomas Edison developed light bulbs for the consumers to use longer, safer, and more practical.

In communication, Alexander Graham Bell made his revolution when his assistant Thomas Watson tried to reactivate a telegraph transmitter. Bell had an idea that sending human voices can be possible thru waves. After many attempts of creating a talking box, it became possible in the year 1876 and thus the first landline was introduced.

Transportation technology started in the early humans through crude carts with wheels made of stone shaped into circles to bicycles originated in China to steamboats, trains, and automobiles. Automobiles back then needed enhancement for only wealthy people can afford them and has to be fixed every now and then. It didn’t have a break and has to be tied to a post like an ordinary horse. Henry Ford, an American Industrialist realized back then that he can recreate an automobile …….


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