The Genius Institute Releases App Combining Technology and Behavioral Sciences to Accelerate Learning Processes and Strengthen Collaboration Across Diversified Audiences –

LEWISVILLE, Texas, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Genius Institute, Inc. (“TGI”), a leading technology innovator, announced today the details of its new assessment app for individuals.

Action-Based Assessment Moves Beyond Current Personality Indicators

In about 11 minutes, Genius Key assessment identifies the subconscious tendencies and mindset gaps that are keeping you static while also articulating how to substantially influence your future situations.

“As a certified human behaviorist and serial entrepreneur, I have applied this approach to high school and college students, individuals, and professionals across the globe,” said Amilya Antonetti, CEO of The Genius Institute. “With more than 500,000 non-automated identifiers administered, we are excited to now have Genius Key available as an app to more quickly offer our paradigm shifting software to more people.”

Simplifying the Path to Understanding

“Genius Key app offers the same identity results that were previously only delivered at our live events and during private consultations, now for a fraction of the cost,” said Michael Ferer, Controller of The Genius Institute.

“Offering that type of experience as an app allows individuals an efficient and enhanced Genius Key experience that instantly unlocks their natural genius and quickly establishes clarity to their questions.”

Personal Assessment Tools: The Next Transformational Iteration

Genius Key is substantially different from current personality assessment tools that place people into categories and then relies on the individual or human resource professional to decipher and then correctly apply those results. Genius Key untangles the process with a simple to use system that applies a sophisticated approach to produce a personalized report containing clear explanations for each area of your life creating a confidence boosting and actionable plan to grow forward.

About The Genius Institute, Inc.

The Genius Institute is a privately held technology organization based in Lewisville, Texas. Genius Key is now available from your favorite app store.

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