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  • Baecationing (/bey-key-shuhn-ing): Inviting a blind date or someone you just started dating on vacation because YOLO! Over 1/3 (38%) of singles and 43% of Gen-Z have experienced this trend. After 18+ months inside, you really do need that sunset beach photo with BAE – who cares if you kinda, maybe, just met.
  • Communidating (/kuh-myoo-nuh-dayt-ting): Using dating apps not just for dating and intimate relationships but to make friends and connections. Being single doesn’t mean you have to go through life solo. In fact, 50% of singles, including 57% of Gen-Z, have fostered new friendships through dating apps this year.
  • Dar-WIN-ing (/dahr-win-ing): Refusing to date someone who doesn’t believe in science. From flat-earthers to anti-vaxxers, 1/3 of singles know someone who has done this, including nearly 1/4 of Gen-Z.
  • Déjà vu-ing (/dey-zhah -voo-ing): Doing the same things with a new partner that you did with your ex. From strawberry ice cream and car rides to Malibu, 1/3 of singles have done this to someone they were dating, and half (52%) know someone who has done this to someone. On the real though, when you gonna tell her, that we did that too?
  • Gambiting (/gam-bit-ing): Taking a strategic and calculated approach to dating, like a game of chess. Turns out, 31% of singles admit to Gambiting, including 1/3 of Gen-Z. Dinner reservation at a place that’s not too loud but still has a fun vibe, check. Outfit that looks like you tried, but not too hard, check. Fun and engaging conversation that’s personal but not intrusive, check. Post-date text to set-up future plans, checkmate!
  • Handticipation (/hand-tis-uh-pey-shuhn): The anxiety that comes with being unsure about the physical boundaries that are acceptable due to social distancing from the pandemic, such as whether to hug, handshake, or wave at your date. While non-huggers and sweaty-palmers may rejoice, 64% of singles have experienced this awkward trend.
  • Hesidating (/hez-i-dayt-ing): Feeling indifferent about dating, unsure if you want to date seriously or casually because life in general is so uncertain right now. While some celebrity couples (Hello, Bennifer) have recently hopped into new relationships quickly and with certainty, 70% of singles say hesidating is a very real thing.
  • Megxit-ing (/meg-zit-ing): Quitting a toxic relationship with family and friends that negatively impacts your relationship. A whopping 50% of singles, including 57% of Gen-Z, have done this, following the lead of a certain royal couple who recently said “cheerio” to tea, crumpets and toxic relationships.
  • Moderna Love (/mod-ern-uh luhv): Considering …….


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