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Submitted by Olympia Plumbing Technology

Last year, Vernon, from Tenino, was battling cancer. He was recovering from a surgery where his voice box was removed, when a friend wrote in her nomination: “Vernon has endured a lot this past year, losing a brother to cancer and his mom recently passing. He can’t seem to catch a break, and I know his water heater is older.”

Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology

Vernon was one of the three recipients last year in Olympic Plumbing Technology’s (OPT) first BIG Water Heater Giveaway where they donated and installed three brand new, high-efficiency hot water heaters. Supporting the community that this family business calls home is a big deal to the owners, Ron and Kimberly Boeckmann, and once they saw the impact that something so simple, yet profoundly fundamental as a functioning hot water heater could be, they knew they had to do it again. “Our team has been counting down the days with excitement,” Kimberly says, “we could not wait to do this again! We are excited and proud to announce the winners.”

Nominating someone is easy and is done via this form on Olympic Plumbing Technology’s website. The contest is open now, and until November 22, 2021.

BIG Impacts

The other two winners last year were just as deserving. In fact, OPT wishes they could give a water heater to everyone who needs it, but business is business, right? For Olympic Plumbing Technology, their business model has caring for the community and philanthropy built in, and that’s why the BIG Water Heater Giveaway is so important to them. Hot water changes lives…

Debra from Olympia was boiling water on her stove at the time of the contest last year. She’s a home care provider for her son and desperately needed a new hot water heater. When Debra’s friend nominated her, she said, “A new hot water heater would be a real helping hand to her and her family.”

Photo courtesy: Olympic Plumbing Technology

Jim, in Lacey, was nominated by a friend who describes him as someone who helps others no matter the time or day, always putting his own needs on the back burner. Jim opened his home to give friends a place to stay during hard times. “Even though he is in the middle of so many projects, he will drop everything to help his friends,” his nominator said, “and a new water heater would help …….


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