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The best beauty products and services hand-selected by myself and my team, derms, estheticians, and industry experts for every skin type:

After an extended intermission of living our daily lives, I have come to the conclusion that the pandemic has highlighted the delicate nature of self-resolve. Advancements in technology and sustainability has set forth a whole new era in the beauty and skin-care market segmentation.

We simply could not be here without having gone through the trials and tribulations of the last 2 years. You get the picture. The reemergence of beauty and skincare is has evolved with fresh products and new routines —as you prepare for office-time, dinners, events, and casual activities. Now, the beauty industry is ready to imagine, illuminate and inspire consumers with a plethora of well-designed product offerings tailored to consumer needs of today. The digital renaissance is now.

I know that shopping for skincare can sometimes be overwhelming unless you have a clear understanding of the product makeup and the desired results. Although it sounds simple, individual needs and requirements vary greatly therefore must be factored into the beauty equation. Not only are there thousands of products on the market today but rather so much to consider when purchasing new skincare products and services. Whether you’ve got dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin, these product offerings will address your needs.

The question is; are these products are actually worth the hype? To help eliminate the guesswork, myself and my women’s fashion and beauty editor Emma Cunnington have handpicked and tested (on ourselves) products that industry experts, estheticians, dermatologists and even a cosmetic chemist would recommend to their patients.

“My Patients were locked down and isolated for so long, stuck on zoom calls. They wanted to come into my office to look and feel better and wanted non-invasive cosmetic treatments with Botox and dermal fillers” says Michele S. Green, MD Cosmetic NYC Dermatologist.

After an abundant number of face-to-face and digital meetings with product development teams here is my list of the best formulas and services to help you look and feel like your ready to take on life’s new challenges as well as enjoy your casual time with a new outlook on great things ahead.

It’s the start of a new world in beauty as we know it. It’s not just new, it’s what’s next. For example, K-Beauty brand takes inspiration from healthy food ingredients that are naturally rich in skin nourishing compounds and actives, …….


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