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Welcome to NYLON’s Buffy Week, where we dive into the enduring impact of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and celebrate Sunnydale’s finest. Check back all week for a look into the show’s lasting legacy on culture, from fashion to music, and everything in between.

We all know by now that fashion and beauty industries live in a cycle of obsession with the trends of 20 years prior. As Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s tenure on The WB (and then UPN) lasted from 1997 to 2003, the show is firmly placed in the Y2K cannon that we’re all obsessed with right now. The high school demonic drama lives at the intersection of ’90s nostalgia, academia and goths aesthetics and, of course, vampires. So, in addition to it’s incredible re-watchability, memorable musical moments, and bad ass fashion, it’s also ripe to be ripped off in the beauty department.

It’s not just Buffy’s essential Rachel-esque cut, or Cordelia’s wispy bangs, or Faith’s vampy makeup moments, the boys too, bring the full force of the ’90s with gelled up hair and serious bleach. There’s something for everyone looking to reintroduce some questionable nostalgic beauty choices back into their lives. It’s pretty wild to think that no matter what kind of vampire or demon-fueled dangers everyone was getting into, spiked hair, french twists, and shiny blowouts stayed fully intact.

Read on for the most fun, and sometimes extremely relevant beauty trends you can find during your Buffy The Vampire Slayer rewatch. You might be surprised by what you find appealing today. Get out your raisin lipstick, crimping irons, and barrettes and let’s go.

Bouncy Blowouts

Shiny, shampoo-ad hair was a keystone of the ’90s. We were lead to believe this layered haircut naturally dried into cute, face-framing flips, but now we’ve accepted it’s the work of a blow-dryer and a round brush. (Which makes it a little less believable as the signature look of vampire battling teens.)

20th Century Fox Television/Kobal/Shutterstock

Wholesome Wispy Bangs

This is a confounding style to have taken hold of an era, but these piecey, poofed-up bangs do add interest to a messy updo or a one-length haircut. Now, a more modern (read: less fluffy) iteration is popping up on cool girls all over Instagram.

Always Alert Eyebrows

It makes sense that Buffy and friends were always …….


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