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Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

September was a lot. Not only did fashion month take over our calendars, we got too many new celebrity skin-care brands that no one asked for. (I’m still not over Brad Pitt launching creams and serums retailing for almost $400.) Despite the absurdity of it all, some beauty brands actually did launch really good products, and most of the ones I tested (except one) retail for way less than $400.

Through New York Fashion Week, everyday events, and an impromptu vacation, these nine new products truly made my fashion month easier. Were there a lot of other launches? Yes. Did I have time to try each and every one of them? No. September was about pure survival. Luckily, I had time to try new concealers that made me look alive and one very expensive skin-care product that worked wonders (since I didn’t have time for a facial).

There were a lot of concealers that launched this summer, but Milk Makeup has dethroned them. The brand’s latest offers very light to medium coverage, and thanks to its hydrating properties, it feels like a skin-care product rather than makeup. The true winning point of this concealer? The applicator. I never knew how much easier a finer shape would make my makeup process.

Off-White is experimenting beyond fragrance. Last month, it launched the creamiest and most potent liners I’ve ever tried. And after a few test runs, I realized they’re more than liners! They’re face and body pigments too. I stuck to using them as liners, because I don’t wear much body art, but the smooth texture made winged eyeliner very simple. Plus they are available in a ton of colors that show up extremely pigmented on darker skin tones.



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