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If you’re looking to learn personal finance, or find a way to submerse yourself further and keep money on your mind, podcasts are a great way to start. You can listen during daily commute times or even when you’re doing other things, if you’re a good multitasker.

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GOBankingRates found five personal finance podcasts that cover everything from student loan debt to real estate investing to retirement planning (and more). Hosted by experts, if you’re into all things personal finance you should definitely give a listen.

Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition is headed up by bestselling finance author Tiffany Aliche, and previous director of content at Lending Tree, Mandi Woofruff-Santos. The women tackle real, everyday problems with everything from how much money is appropriate to give at weddings to how to save for retirement when you’re still drowning in student loans and credit card debt. The women also have an “Ask Me Anything” section on their site where you can submit any question you have anonymously to be featured on their five-star rated weekly show. They keep it light, but straightforward — and what more could you really want?

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Coach Carson

Real estate investing is having its moment this year, and Coach Carson‘s podcast focuses on how to make money investing in real estate properties. Whether you’re on Instagram and your favorite meme page pops up sponsoring someone with a post describing how they got rich with “seven rental properties,” or a quick TikTok beat that claims real estate made them big bucks, chances are high that your eyes have landed on this strategy in 2021. Coach Carson interviews big wigs in the real estate space, so you get to hear straight from the pros on how to do what it seems like everyone else is. This edge, plus his focus on this strategy as a path to financial independence, is what makes his show a step above the others.

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