Technip, Shell Test Improvements to Carbon Capture Technology – Journal of Petroleum Technology

In response to the increased global interest in carbon capture and storage (CCS), the technologists and engineers at Shell Catalysts and Technologies and Technip Energies are working together to bring continuous improvements to the Cansolv CO2 capture system’s process design, efficiency, and costs. These efforts aim to ensure improved affordability and aid wide-scale deployment of carbon capture solutions.

“We are very proud of the work done to improve the Cansolv CO2 capture technology with our long-lasting partner Shell,” said Doruk Isil, vice president of CO2 management product line at Technip Energies. “This illustrates that collaboration is needed to further decarbonize our industry and hard-to-abate sectors.”

The 3-month test campaign began in August 2021 and will entail different test phases that will support the extension of the related improvements. This is the second test campaign conducted by this collaboration. In the first campaign, the low volatility and amine emissions of the DC-103 solvent used in the process was demonstrated as well as its low absorption energy and solvent degradation.

“Although we have been designing and operating capture facilities for many years, we continue to strive to lower the cost through continuous improvement and development,” said Nick Flinn, general manager for decarbonization at Shell Catalysts and Technologies. “This can only be achieved through close partnerships with the owner, the engineering company, and the technology provider. This collaboration with Fortum Oslo Varme and Technip Energies is a nice example of three companies working in lockstep to achieve a common goal: decarbonizing in a cost-effective manner.”


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