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Gift your loved ones a Mini 11 Happiness Box from Instax Fujifilm to make this Diwali special for them.

Mini 11 Happiness Box

Gift your loved ones a Mini 11 Happiness Box from Instax Fujifilm to make this Diwali special for them. The box has a mini 11 camera, Instax Mini Glossy Film, batteries, user manual, Instax album and Instax fridge magnet. Mini 11 instant camera has automatic exposure and selfie mode features to capture all the happy moments. The camera is available in blush pink, sky blue, carbon gray, ice white, and lilac colours.

Buy it for: Rs 6,599

Kings Wristwear II

To mark the fifth anniversary of the Kings Wristwear Collection—a limited edition of 500 watches that housed a one pice coin —and celebrate the spirit of Diwali, Jaipur Watch Company has launched the Kings Wristwear II collection. Minted between 1943 and 1947, the one pice coin, or 1/64th of a rupee, was the lowest denomination in the King George VI coinage era. Each watch in this limited edition carries a serial number, which imparts it a unique identity. The watch houses the Swiss-made Ronda 702 caliber and showcases a unique moving disc mechanism. King Wristwear II is available in new colours such as sombre black (with gold and silver variants), salmon (only 50 limited edition watches), and sacramento green (with gold and silver variants—25 limited edition watches each)

Buy it for: Rs 40,000 each

XGIMI Horizon and Horizon Pro

XGIMI India’s Horizon is a versatile and easy to use true FHD home projector. It combines powerful imaging features from XGIMI and makes them even more adaptable with a built-in AI optical sensor. With low latency, stunning contrast, and integrated optics, Horizon makes quality and consistency faster and more automatic than ever. Cutting-edge autofocus keeps your image vivid and clear, all the way to the max screen size of 300”.

Horizon Pro brings you the highest 4K image quality available in a projector of this size, up to a gigantic screen size of 300 inches. With resolution up to 3840x2160p, you can take game night to the next level, or have an ultra-HD date with your favourite movie

Buy it for:Rs 1,25,000 (Horizon) Rs1,87,500 (Horizon Pro)

Sonos Roam

Sonos has introduced Sonos Roam, the ultra-portable smart speaker built to deliver great sound at home and on any adventure. Fully connected to your Sonos system on WiFi at home and automatically switching to Bluetooth …….


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