SUSE: ‘We’re passionate about increasing the number of women in technology’ –

The Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2021 are almost upon us!

Another glittering evening lies ahead of hundreds of the top of the UK’s IT industry, as they gather together in Central London to recognise and celebrate the many female success stories.

SUSE has this year leant the awards its support.

April Moh, chief communications officer at SUSE explained why the awards are important.



“At SUSE we’re passionate advocates for increasing the number of women in technology. We have our own women in tech network which is an employee group for women across the organisation and we help one another find connections, support and growth opportunities.

“We’re really passionate about finding organisations and partners that prioritise creating opportunities for women. Supporting these awards is not only important to us, it also recognises the work that women are accomplishing and it helps inspire younger generations.”

The awards will be held on the 24th November. With a record year for submissions, there will be 33 awards given out on the night. Congratulations and good luck to all of the finalists.


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