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Supernatural is Revolutionizing the Fitness Experience with Fully Immersive Workouts Offered in VR

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2021 /CNW/ — Supernatural, the leading virtual reality fitness experience today announced Supernatural Boxing, an entirely new full-body cardio workout joining the company’s platform of immersive fitness and wellness experiences built for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. Supernatural Boxing is designed to achieve explosive aerobic-capacity while torching the core and sharpening the mind, alongside Supernatural’s original, full-body cardio workout, Supernatural Flow, as well as its Guided Meditation and coach-led Stretch sessions. Boxing workouts are immediately available on the Supernatural app in the Oculus App Store.

Supernatural Boxing provides expertly coached workouts, from “Boxing Basics” to “Pros Only,” inviting members to punch, block, shuffle and slip to the beat of their favorite music in captivating environments, all while seamlessly, digitally tracking their fitness without ever leaving home.

The Supernatural Catalog of Offerings Now Includes a Familiar Favorite: Boxing.

Supernatural is the comprehensive VR fitness and wellness solution for leading an integrated, healthier lifestyle; from core to cardio, stretching to meditation, there’s a mode of expression to address and achieve a full range of fitness goals. The addition of Supernatural Boxing invites members to “go the distance” offering new goals and challenges for mind and body and an entirely fresh perspective on fitness.

“Supernatural Boxing is an incredible workout that recruits new muscle groups and focuses the mind,” said co-founder and CEO Chris Milk. “It continues our quest at Supernatural to find new ways to reimagine exercise as something to look forward to, and change as many lives as possible in the process.”

Supernatural Boxing will be led by Supernatural’s dynamic roster of expert coaches and overseen by Head of Fitness and Muay Thai athlete, Coach Leanne Pedante.

“Practicing boxing and kickboxing for the past decade has changed my life, filling me with a confidence and strength I never had before,” states Pedante. “Now, Supernatural Boxing is offering that in an unbeatable VR format, eliminating the intimidation factor of attending a class or striking out at the gym, and instead empowering athletes in yet another modality.”

All Supernatural Boxing workouts include the following:

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