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“I dated a girl who was on the come-up while we were seeing each other — she has millions of Instagram followers now. She was absolutely stunning in real life, but that said, many of her pictures heavily exaggerated her proportions, her face, makeup, filters, etc. to make her a standard of beauty that was unattainable.” —u/illegallad

u/illegallad also broke down everything that he learned from dating this female influencer for a year:

1. “That shit is a full-time job. You need to post often, and getting the perfect pic takes time. You, the man around, will be the cameraman for many of these photos, and it can be annoying.”

2. “She made six figures when we were dating, and I suspect she makes more now.”

3. “I got used to being psuedo-VIP at a lot of clubs, etc. just because she was there. A lot of guys get weird about it.”

4. “Speaking of guys, and this goes for all women, not just Instagram influencers: You get to see how rapey/creepy a lot of men can be. I very frequently had to ‘bail’ her out of uncomfortable situations as she would frequently get cornered at clubs, grabbed at, have guys make impromptu proposals, etc. You really get to see why women have their guards up so often as many men do not take no for an answer. 

Needless to say, if you’re the jealous type, it’s not gonna work. Also, dirty Instagram comments and DMs are ignored or laughed at by her (and I suspect others as well).”


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