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Hello from SOLAS, and welcome to the next chapter of cats, cats, kittens!

Welcome to the start of the fall season… hope you enjoy all the pumpkin spice, bonfires, and apples that go along with it!

Speaking of pumpkin, did you know pumpkin is good for animals? It is great for settling upset stomachs in cats and dogs. It’s high in fiber, so it can treat both constipation and diarrhea. Many wildlife, like deer, foxes, rabbits and mice enjoy pumpkins, too. When they snack on our carved jack-o-lanterns, it might be not particularly appreciated, but it’s good for them! Some people treat their pumpkins to keep animals away, but instead, we suggest keeping them in a garage or safe space until you want to display them. After you are done, break them open and let the animals go to town. As fosters, we almost always keep canned pumpkin on hand to help with any stomach issues that come up. And quite honestly, most animals like it as a healthy snack anyway, so getting them to eat it is easy.

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