Social Media Star Lil TerRio Shares Secret To Weight Loss –

Oooooo kill ‘em! Lil TerRio is losing weight and making life changes right before our eyes. The social media star is dropping weight the old school way by improving his diet and working out.

Lil TerRio’s manager and trainer say Terrio has lost an incredible amount of weight within the past two months. TerRio started at 360 lbs and is now 231lbs. He is losing roughly 2 lbs a day and working out six times a week. At times, Terrio is training twice a day and doing high-intensity interval training.

TerRio has also changed up his eating habits and has gotten custom meal plans from his trainer. His diet now consists of high protein and fiber with low carbs.  The social media sensation now eats mainly fruit with seafood and chicken. It took him about three weeks to change his taste buds after being addicted to carbs and sugar.

TerRio says he decided to change his life when he got older and understood health and life. The social media star has a huge fan base and wants to become the face of overcoming childhood obesity.

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