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Upgrading to a smart home used to be considered a luxury. But nowadays, it’s become more and more affordable for every house owner. However, whether you’re living in a rented or bought home, it can make all the difference. This is because some smart home gadgets require you to take out a wall and implement new cables throughout the walls. But in this case, we show you what you can do without damaging the house or angering your landlord. So, keep on reading if you’re interested in seeing 2 smart home gadgets for your rented house.

Smart Home Gadgets for Your Home

There are, of course, plenty of smart home gadgets to make you a lot slimmer. For example, on you will find advice for more than 20 types of slim products. However, in this blog, I list some examples of smart home gadgets in a smaller form. Let’s start!

Smart doorbell without camera: you need to know this!

How much privacy do you actually have with a smart doorbell, does the camera also record the neighbors or do you only see your driveway? You may not feel comfortable with this, then the smart doorbell without a camera is an excellent solution. 

A smart doorbell without a camera, you may wonder what else is smart about it or what the value of the smart home product is. That value is certainly still there, a smart doorbell is not only smart because of the camera option, but perhaps even smarter because you can operate it from a distance.

Benefits of a smart doorbell without a camera

The big question is: what can you do with a smart doorbell without a camera? Many functions that a smart video doorbell has can also be found in the audio doorbell. But there are a number of advantages of the audio doorbell compared to the smart …….


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