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Match Group dating apps are seeing an increase in subscription purchases, despite rising costs all around due to inflation.

The Dallas-based dating app giant, which is headquartered in Lake Highlands on North Central Expressway, has seen a particular increase in purchases on Tinder and Hinge. Overall, there has been a 2% increase (16.3 million customers) in paid subscriptions, according to quarterly earnings.

Though the apps are free by default, singles looking for love can access more features (and maybe come closer to finding a compatible match) and likes. However, paying more for dating apps can lead to more intentional dates and possibly save time.

“The motivation for clients or anyone who’s paying [for apps] is they’re serious, and they are wanting to find a connection where there’s mutual investment, they’re looking for more of a committed relationship,” dating and relationship expert Cady Boyd told CNBC’s Make It.

Some of the paid features singles can expect include added filters for height, politics, whether matches have or want children, unlimited likes and more.

Tinder has tiered subscriptions, whereas Hinge has a single subscription and the option to boost a profile for more views in a day.

The article also points to other factors, including relationship goals and location, playing a role in finding love. In the world of online dating, more serious dates come at a price. 

On the less optimistic side of dating, however, Dallas also has some of the worst infidelity. Check out this study we shared on cheating partners back in August.


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