SimBioSys raised $15 million for cancer care technology : SPlog – Smile Politely – Champaign-Urbana’s Online Magazine

SimBioSys is an EnterpriseWorks startup at Research Park and they are raising capital for their TumorScope software. This latest fundraising brings their total to $21 million. The software is a “simulation-based, precision medicine platform enables individualized treatment planning for cancer patients.” From the press release:

Unlike current approaches, SimBioSys’ first-of-its-kind application combines artificial intelligence with biophysical simulations to model the impact of phenomena such as drug delivery, metabolism, and spatial heterogeneity in a comprehensive model using standard-of-care data alone. The results are generated within minutes, enabling physicians to make a well-informed decision while improving patient experience and shared decision-making. In addition, the technology can support the drug development process across pre-clinical and clinical trial settings.

This current round of financing was led by Genoa Ventures and Northpond Ventures, with participation from AV8 Ventures, Heritage Medical Group, and Mayo Clinic.

You can read more here.

Top photo from Research Park website.


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