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Do You’d like to have been born in 1956, it means You will be attaining FRA Finally in 2022, and So that you’d possibly decide to file subsequent yr, understanding You will not take Worthwhile In your advantages. Furthermore, if you have been born Earlier to 1956, it means You’ve already attained FRA. And in that case, You will have The power To merely Be a part of Social Safety at any level in 2022 And by no means using A discount in advantages.

2. Am I truly retiring?

Do You’d like tor objective is To go away the workforce in 2022, Then you undoubtedly May Want to say Social Safety to cowl your funds Inside the absence of your paycheck. However Everytime You plan To maintain working in 2022, You’d possibly Want To maintain off on submitting for advantages — even When you’ve attained FRA.

For Yearly you delay your submitting past FRA, the Social Safety Administration will reward you with an 8% increase to your advantages. That incentive runs out at age 70, so as quickly as you attain that age, There Is not any sense in suspending your submitting any longer.

However say your FRA is 66 And 4 months (which is the case if you have been born in 1956). Do You’d like to delay your submitting till the age of 70, You can increase your Social Safety advantages by Barely over 29%. And to be clear, that greater revenue Shall be yours to take pleasure in for The The rest of your life.

3. Am I turning 70?

Once you attain the age of 70, You will have The power to’t develop your Social Safety advantages any longer. Do You’d like to’ll be turning 70 in 2022, it utterly pays To say your advantages at That time. Delaying your submitting past age 70 will solely set off you to probably lose out on income You are entitled to.


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