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Animal ID No.: A5429811

Animal name: Rufus

Rufus is a stray that came to the Palmdale Animal Care Center on July 18. He was found running the streets of Avenue S between 40th and 47th streets east. A good Samaritan, while on her way to work, stopped and leashed Rufus out to safety and brought him to the center. During his medical examination, he has shown a happy, friendly demeanor, readily seeking attention from his handler. He loves petting and offered his belly for rubs. During his play yard time, Rufus had a relaxed, loose body, soft eyes and a neutral loose tail wag, and happily greeted the runner at the gate. He was easy to leash and walked well on leash to the catch pen. In the catch pen, he immediately approached the fence and exchanged greetings. While in the play yard, he exchanged good greetings. He had a neutral loose tail wag, relaxed open pant, soft eyes, and a relaxed body. He will be at the Subaru Loves Pets Pet Adoption event at AV Subaru, 43226 Drivers Way, at the Lancaster Auto Mall, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday. He is also a candidate to being fostered. For details or to foster Rufus, send an inquiry to [email protected]. To meet Rufus, use the link and follow the instructions on how to create self-scheduling visit at the center:;…/


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